19 April 2021
Will Apple AR / VR headset recognize the user?

Will Apple AR / VR headset recognize the user?

AppleNew claims have emerged for the title that will use AR and VR technologies together. Analist Ming Chun Kuo, He claimed that the VR headset will come with a surprise feature for identification. Accordingly, this new virtual reality headset will recognize the user from the eyes.

Apple can use eye recognition technology for AR / VR headset

Ming Chin Kuoaccording to Apple VR and AR mix is planning a new security measure for this title. Eye recognition or Iris recognition Called this technology, it is one of the most advanced security measures known.

This security technology works on the detection of the iris layer, which has a different structure in each person. FaceID Whether this technology, which is expected to work with similar sensors, will really come across is a matter of curiosity.

Analyst, From Apple iris-based eye recognition technology While not sure, he is sure that this virtual head will analyze users’ eye movements. VR and AR heads It has technologies that analyze users’ movements in general. According to Kuo Apple can use much more advanced sensors for this analysis.

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Although the design of Apple’s VR / AR headset is unclear, an estimated drawing was made according to the last leaked patent.

Kuo, will come out VR / AR headset He is of the opinion that it will come with an M1 or similar processor. The analyst previously reported that the price of this virtual head will be $ 1000. Details about the features of this title have not been revealed yet. In contrast, Kuo In 2022 He is of the opinion that it will be released.

Last month, Apple VR and AR technology a new patent that brought them together had been leaked. With this patent, it became official that the company was working on virtual glasses. Apple has actually been working on this technology for over two years. According to experts, Apple is in the headlines AR experience will be the basis. The VR experience, on the other hand, can stay in the background.

VR glasses or as it is known as its titles, it completely disconnects the user from the real world. Apple with this patent AR experience it also pursues to present the VR experience in the same title. Although it is not clear how these two technologies will be used, the title looks like it will have two separate screens. In addition, Apple is trying to reduce the weight of the head from 200 grams to around 100 grams.

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