5 August 2021
Will Kia produce electric scooters instead of Apple Car?

Will Kia produce electric scooters instead of Apple Car?

Apple and Hyundai sub brand That continuing between Apple Car talks ended earlier this month. However, according to the allegations, Kia ve Apple Agreement to develop an electric vehicle remains valid. Of this deal electric scooter It is also claimed that it is continued to improve.

Is Kia working for electric scooters instead of Apple Car?

The negotiations between the two companies Hyundai After being made public by Apple ended the negotiations.

However, broadcasting from Korea Chosun Biz According to the information published on the website, Apple Ile Kia A memorandum of understanding was signed last year.

In this text Apple and That collaborated in eight sectors and Apple Car It was claimed that the partnership continued for the electric vehicle after the cancellation of the project.

Apple and parent company Hyundai Last Mil It is among these claims that he acted together for a transportation project under his name. Last Mil The so-called project first appeared in 2019. Hyundai ve kia by electric scooter integrated in the car He may be involved in the project promoted as Apple.

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However, Apple-branded electric scootersounds unrealistic. This project Apple CarIt seems more likely to be a scooter to be integrated into.

Reuters also referenced by Korean site this claim Kia ve Apple He is based on an anonymous source who has knowledge of the negotiations between him and her.

“Even if negotiations on electric vehicles fail, there are many items that can be negotiated in other areas, so we are still optimistic about the possibility of a partnership between the two parties,” the source told the site.

Apple‘in electric car project Apple Car for Hyundai It is known that he made meetings with different companies afterwards. Although these companies AppleAlthough it is not revealed due to the importance of privacy, analysts Apple Car predicts that the project will be completed within five years.

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