21 April 2021
Will offer paid service with Wikimedia Enterprise

Will offer paid service with Wikimedia Enterprise

Wikimedia Foundation, Wikipedia has rolled up its sleeves to create a paid service for companies that use their data. 2021 as the name of the service expected to be published in Wikimedia Enterprise It was stated that it will take its name and will not change its current working style.

Wikimedia Enterprise will offer different options

Wikimedia Foundation with the new service it has developed Google and Facebook It aims to offer new options to giant companies that use its content. The system, which has not yet been fully explained how it works, is generally Simple API’sin premium it will become a version. So that corporate customers will be able to format data more quickly to meet their needs. You will also get different options to sort and publish them.


Wikimedia Foundation senior manager Lane Becker, Wired’a he made in the statement“Companies may already be paying their employees to clear Wikipedia data. Enterprise will do this kind of cleaning at its source. However, companies are available if they wish API’yi “It will continue to use it free of charge.”

Most of the internet Wikipedia supports. Google’s information boxes, Amazon’an Alexa and Apple’s Siri services make use of the free encyclopedia as much as possible. In the fight of web platforms against misinformation Wikipedia Being the first source to be controlled has also significantly increased the availability of the service. However, some companies Wikimedia while offering donations in exchange for using their free services, some without mentioning the foundation Wikipedia carried out major projects with support.

However Wikimedia frequently asked questions page, Wikipedia’s Enterprise He underlined that it would not force big technology companies to pay for it. However, the system can avoid specific and well-known problems for companies. Because the service can put the most trusted information in front of the community instead of the newest of the companies, so that the events that cause the manipulation can be brought to an end.

Wikimedia The Enterprise team also acknowledges that it balances business realities with its mission to provide free access to information. The Foundation also mentioned that they need more partners for the venture and that they are expected to develop partnerships with major companies from the end of this year.

Basically nonprofit Wikimedia, Firstly June 20, 2003 in the history of Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales announced by. Since the foundation started 60 billion He has reached a donation of dollars. For more information on the new service here just click.

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