21 April 2021
Will the new iPhone have a USB-C port?

Will the new iPhone have a USB-C port?

Apple, iPad Pro to Macbook models Although it has switched to USB-C on many devices, it still has not given up the Lightning connection on iPhones. Users Switching to USB-C port with iPhone 13 While waiting for it to be done, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says the company is likely not to live up to expectations.

One of the first analysts that come to mind when it comes to Apple Ming-Chi KuoAccording to the new report of, the idea of ​​switching to USB-C may have disappeared. There are said to be several reasons: Apple is stated to be more confident in the Lightning connection.

Will the new iPhone have a USB-C port?

It is stated that the low level of waterproofing is among the reasons why Apple does not want to choose USB-C. Of course, there is still no clear decision. Apple introduced Magsafe technology with the iPhone 12 series last October. This technology lays the foundation for a wireless charging system. Company according to Ming-Chi Kuo Magsafe technology with MFI program can integrate.

That's how Apple's Magsafe technology works.

This new system according to Kuo, Based on the current state of iPhones not enough. Kuo says that we will see the Lightning connection used in iPhones in the current process for a while. What Apple will do about charging in the future will be determined by the current state of the iPhone models.

iPad Air 2020 model.

The company has integrated the Touch ID sensor on the power button in Air 2020, one of the newest iPad models. An explanation came from Ming-Chi Kuo about whether this technology will be included in iPhones. According to Kuo’s report, it is not known when Apple will use this new system in iPhone models. In addition, Bloomberg recently reported that Apple started to examine the fingerprint sensor embedded in the screen. The report by Bloomberg confirms Kuo’s thoughts.

Kuo’s report provides general information about how future iPhone models will look like. According to Kuo, we will encounter smaller notched iPhone models in the coming years. In addition, Apple wants to surprise its users with the camera. According to current information, we will see an iPhone model in 2022 with a punch-hole camera design. At the same time, it is said that Apple will join the trend of foldable screen phones in 2023 with an 8-inch model.

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