14 April 2021
Windows 10 brings new feature for virtual desktops

Windows 10 brings new feature for virtual desktops

Microsoftusers For windows 10 virtual desktops It is testing a number of new features that allow them to better optimize.

The virtual desktops option allows users to split their Windows 10 installation into multiple different desktops. This is especially useful if it is used for several different tasks on a single device. However, Microsoft is currently having problems with the option to rename each new desktop. Microsoft will be bringing an update to fix this problem soon. With this update, users will have the chance to choose unique backgrounds for each desktop. Desktops will be organized more easily with the drag and drop mechanism.

Windows 10 virtual desktops

Windows 10

Windows 10

Virtual desktops may not appeal to every user. However, having the option to use many applications at the same time can be an advantage thanks to the utility. Therefore, we can call it a very useful feature for those who use their machines for more than one purpose. For example, virtual desktops can make your work easier for personal use as well as for business or game use. Effectively separating different uses limits clutter and helps the user identify specific resources faster.

In addition, due to the pandemic, virtual desktops fill a critical gap, considering that only one device is used for business and personal use.

Saving on time

Anyone who wants to have new virtual desktop features, Windows Insider can enroll in the program. Designed for technical users Dev Channelprovides access to all of the most experimental features. However, accessing these features right now may cause your computer to run erratically.

These new options, early access Insider Currently available for members of the program. If there is no technical problem, these features will be available to all users in the next update.

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