22 April 2021
Windows 10 gets new icon update

Windows 10 gets new icon update

Microsoft, By improving the icons in the operating system Windows 10 starting to modernize. Test version will be available this week Windows 10 new icon With the update, the system will have a modern structure. Update Microsoft’s Fluent Design It will also include parts that don’t fit the (Fluent Design) style.

Windows 10 will modernize with new icon update

Windows 10 tried to customize as design Microsoft’tan This year comes a big leap forward. To be published by update the firm will present icons for a rounded and simplified look. The update, which will also include a new font, taskbar will also make it compatible with future icons. So that Microsoft Windows’a It will try to prove to its users how modern even the smallest parts can be.


The update will be released later this year large windows 10 just one of the small steps of the update. Last year, the company updated some of its icons with color versions, and even changed the Start menu to give it a modern look. Company also code name Sun Valley is working on a project that aims to visually rejuvenate. In this direction, later in the year, big UI It seems likely that we will encounter changes. Updating may also cause nostalgic loss. For Windows 95 Some icons that have been with us since the time of the day are likely to be completely erased after a short while.

Microsoft also Chromebook to be designed for similar devices Windows 10X’te UI carried out studies to improve its consistency. 10X a new start menu, notification center and Wi-Fi interface It will accommodate changes like. In short, it will feel like a simpler, simpler version.

Technology giant 10X’i The way of marketing can also be a clue to where the future fate of the operating system is headed. Rumors are that the company sees the new Windows as a kind of marketing technique. And more news on the subject is expected to be shared with the public soon. The firm also aims to promote its future plans. some events are planned in the coming weeks.

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