21 April 2021
Windows 10 no longer insists on Paint

Windows 10 no longer insists on Paint

Microsoft developed applications With the Windows 10 operating system installs by default with the computer equipped. However, most users who are disturbed by this situation say that they do not want applications to take up space on the computer unnecessarily. The software giant has made a decision that will please these users. It has made the decision to no longer include the photo editing software in Windows by default.

Windows 10 won’t include Paint by default

Microsoft, Windows 10 Creators Update with version Paint 3D and 3D Viewer introduced two applications named. The company, which added these two applications to computers by default, gave up its decision and is now Windows 10 in their setup Paint 3D and 3D Viewer announced that it will not take place.

Firstly Insider Previewer Noticed by its users, this innovation became clear with Microsoft’s announcement. The company stated that those who have already installed the applications will not be affected by the new decision. He added that both apps will continue to exist in the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft’s decision is as follows: summed up:

3D Viewer and Paint 3D It will no longer be preinstalled on clean installs of the latest Insider Preview releases. Both apps will continue to be available on the Store and will remain on your device after an operating system update. So if you have upgraded your computer normally, these applications will remain on your list. “

More modern and having only one interface Paint 3Dappeared as a renewed version of the classic Paint. The application, which focused on 3D content production, had editing features not included in classic Paint. Microsoft aimed the application to make a great contribution to Windows users and expected it to be one of the most preferred in this field.

Same way, 3D Viewer and 3D Objects Both tools named Creators Update were added to Windows by default. Microsoft gave up this move. It left the choice entirely to users whether to install applications or not.

You can install both applications on your computer using the links below:

3D Viewer
Paint 3D

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