1 August 2021
Windows 10 Sun Valley interface gets new features

Windows 10 Sun Valley interface gets new features

Technology giant Microsoft, new interface update Windows 10 Sun Valley continues to work for. Tested in the beta group, this version will be released for all users in October or November.

Testing Spotlight feature for Windows 10 Sun Valley

Expected to be released towards the end of the year Windows 10 Sun Valley, beta is constantly publishing new features in its group. The interface, which was previously on the agenda with icon changes, is now emerging with new personalized settings.

The latest build of Windows 10, Windows Spotlight shows that the feature has been tested. This feature Bing Allows viewing of the wallpapers taken over on the desktop.

In settings “Spotlight” If you enable the option, you can apply wallpapers from Bing to the desktop. At the same time, this is the case with the lock screen and Bing’s home page.

Windows 10 Sun Valley

Bing wallpapers option added to Windows 10 Sun Valley.

You can see the new feature of Windows 10 Sun Valley in the screenshot above. if Insider if you are a user; Settings> Personalization> BackgroundYou can configure wallpapers by going to. Also, if you want Bing to bring pictures to the desktop, in the Background drop-down menu,Focus CollectionActivate the ”option.

Windows 10 Sun Valley

Testing new Bing wallpapers option for Windows 10 Sun Valley.

The new Bing wallpaper feature will be entirely at the user’s discretion. Because Microsoft will not force anyone to use Bing. So you don’t have to worry.

Touch keyboard personalization

Windows 10 Sun Valley Another feature detected in the new version is “touch keyboard”Is the function. With this feature, you can customize your touch keyboard settings according to your preference.

Windows 10 Sun Valley

Touch keyboard customization setting is coming

This new feature offered by Microsoft; It will let you adjust settings such as the color or border of the keys, the opacity level of the background, and the keyboard ratio.

The third innovation is to use Microsoft’s tools and services. “Device Usage” is the feature. Thanks to this new option offered; You will be able to switch between categories such as homework, creativity, entertainment, work, and family. However, it is also rumored that more options will be added in the coming days.

Right now Sun Valley These are the innovations added to the version. The new interface, which will be released towards the end of the year, will undergo major changes in terms of appearance.

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