30 July 2021
Windows 10 taskbar introduced new features

Windows 10 taskbar introduced new features

Microsoft, for a long time Windows 10 brings to life the biggest taskbar change in the taskbar. Company Windows 10will present a new weather and news panel item in

Microsoft, With the new update it will bring, it will introduce a new news taskbar window in Windows 10 and reflect weather information directly to the taskbar. Taskbar It will also expand to include stock and sports information.

Windows 10 taskbar will use a new AI

The new feature will be visible when the taskbar is activated and will be fully customized. The company, which uses the Microsoft News network to reveal news and content from more than 4,500 sources, also offers a new link to find out which news is relevant to the user. AI will use.

Windows 10 taskbar introduced new features

For those who do not want to use the new widget, it will be easy to disable it as well. New widget, Windows 10 for April 2021 The batch update preview will be available for downloaders and May Windows As the security update goes live, it will have wider availability over the next few weeks.

Tested since January, the taskbar is the company’s plan for the operating system this year. 21H1 and 21H2 came just before their updates. Microsoft, expected to start next month 21H1 The testing of the update is in the final stage. But the new taskbar widget, 1909 or higher versions Windows 10 will be available to users.

YouTube video about the new update from here you can watch.

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