30 July 2021
Windows 10 update is on the agenda with new problems

Windows 10 update is on the agenda with new problems

Microsoft, the highly anticipated ”Sun ValleyWill release its version later this year. However, the company does not Windows 10 it comes to the fore with its problems. Users are now complaining about the latest update.

Windows 10 According to reports from users, the latest update cannot be installed by some people. At the same time new problems arise within the uploaders. So what bugs are there in the latest version?

Windows 10 updates are annoying

Microsoft released on Tuesday KB5001330 Update brought along a security patch and a number of fixes. It is said that previously detected printer and similar errors are also fixed in this version. However, some of the users unfortunately run into problems installing the update released on Tuesday on their computers.

Windows 10

Windows 10 KB5001330 version comes with various errors

Social media, forum Windows 10 users, who opened the pages and issues in various media, stated the problems they experienced here. In line with these complaints, the majority is installing the update; 0x800f081f, 0x800f0984 and 0x800f0922 He stated that they were faced with such mistakes.

One user even expressed his problem as follows;

“At the time I said install update 0x800f0984 and KP5001330 I was faced with errors. This problem occurred on my Surface Studio 2 and Surface Pro 7 devices. ”

Besides the above problems, some people also state that they installed the update. However, these users complain of poor performance in the new update. For example; game crashes, graphics freezes, and drastic drops in frame rates. Here, these problems occur with the new update. Therefore, in both cases, nothing satisfies the user.

Currently, Microsoft has not made an official statement about these problems. However, when the company sees these complaints, it will prepare the necessary updates.

So do you guys have problems with Windows 10? Indicate in the comments.

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