1 August 2021
Windows 95 is on the agenda with its Easter Egg 25 years later

Windows 95 is on the agenda with its Easter Egg 25 years later

Windows 95’in 25 years after its release, a hacker, Windows 95 Internet Mail has never been discovered before. Easter Egg (Easter Egg) found.

Windows 95 is here with a nice Easter Egg

Windows hacker and also developer Albacore discovered by Easter Egg, It opens a window that plays a list of developers’ names in a scrolling video. Albacore thrown by tweeted, “Windows 95 / Of IE4 never seen before in webmail Easter Egg’e I noticed something similar. To do this, you need to open the about window, select one of the files, and MORTIMER you need to write ”expressions were used.


MORTIMER After typing the command, a small window appears that begins listing the names of Internet Mail developers. Albacore also Easter Egg’i to make it easy to start shell32.dll patched the file so as shown in the video Clouds He also underlined that the folder named can be launched by opening it. Playing in the video MIDI its music will bring a sense of nostalgia to those who played video games, especially in the times of Windows 95. Albacore Besides Windows NT 4.0 your team NT 4available in beta versions of Easter Egg’leriyle related videos also shared.

Used for various features hidden in computer programs or games Easter Egg The concept usually consists of entertaining content that programmers do to introduce themselves. Sometimes it is described as the signature of the programmer. Although this is not an unusual situation, it is always fun as it provides an overview of the development process.

Before Windows 95 hiding on Easter Egg’lere we had come across. for example Hover! named video game Windows 95 and was made available as executable on all operating systems released later.

Source: Bleeping Computer

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