1 August 2021
With Biometric Data Management System, E-Signature comes to chip IDs

With Biometric Data Management System, E-Signature comes to chip IDs

One of the most important digital innovations of recent years E-Signature systemcomes to our identity cards. Minister of Interior Suleyman SoyluThe announcement of the new data management system was made with the good news given by. Electronic signature, used as a digital authentication method, will be integrated into the Biometric Data Management System.

With Biometric Data Management System, E-Signature comes to identities

Attended Biometric Data Management System – AFIS Presentation Meeting Speaking at the Nobles, Turkey took addressing issues such as the digital revolution. One of the most striking details about the content of the meeting was the E-Signature innovation. Long available for most government services electronic signatures moving to chip IDs. The fact that chip ID cards can be continuously used in online services was the first step in creating data repositories that make things easier.

Biometric Data Management System

Biometric Data Management System With this, data in the digital environment will be integrated with chip IDs. For example, there will be no need to carry an additional card for E-Signature, which is used in tax payments, health institutions and exam transactions. The database created will allow all transactions requiring authentication to be performed with a chip ID card.

Nevertheless, this innovation uses electronic signature verification method can’t finish. Because chip cards cannot be used in transactions made over the internet. We will continue to need tools that connect via USB for internet transactions. The system, which will be integrated with ID cards, is more physical operations will make it easier.

Demand for biometric verification systems will increase

Drawing attention to the potential of the biometric verification systems industry in his speeches, Soylu stated that investments in this area will continue. World market volume according to the data of 2020 36.6 billion dollars in 2025, 68.6 billion dollars He added that the market value could be reached.

Suleyman Soylu

Stating that the COVID-19 pandemic will increase the demand for verification methods such as voice recognition, face recognition and iris recognition, Soylu’s explanation is as follows:

“From this point of view, to ensure the safe collection, digitization and processing of biometric data within the Ministry of Internal Affairs, to do this within ourselves with national software ‘Biometric Data Management System‘project was commissioned “

What do you think about the potential of future innovations with the system to be created?

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