28 July 2021
World's largest mass production shipbuilding project started

World’s largest mass production shipbuilding project started

AntalyaContinuing its production in ARES Shipyardoriginally developed from the ground up ARES 35 The first of the fast patrol boat landed in the water. In this context, 122 boats will be produced.

ARES CEO Özgün Utku Alanç On his Linkedin account, “We are proud to launch the first and prototype of 122 boats in the largest serial shipbuilding project in the world’s shipbuilding archives.” shared his joy with his expression.

Our coasts will become safer with ARES 35

105 of the shipyard boats Coast Guard Commandand 17 of them general Directorate of Security‘what will deliver. Deliveries will be completed in 6 years.

ARES 35 boats are designed for fight against irregular migration and smuggling, search and rescue activities. It will also be used in missions such as exclusive economic zone security. In Turkey, Turkish Loydu Classified by ARES 35; It is 12 meters long and 3.7 meters wide. Powered by 2 diesel engines, the boats can reach a maximum speed of 35 knots.

Turkey, spent many projects to life for coastal security in recent years. New navy ships entered the inventory. With the coastal and territorial waters of our country exclusive economic zonesaiming to provide situational awareness with its radar coating, developed entirely with national resources. Coastal Surveillance Radar System project started. 122 speed patrol boatsdelivery of is also a part of this goal. All these projects Blue HomelandIt will contribute to safety in and on the coasts.

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