21 April 2021
Xbox Edge gets Chromium update

Xbox Edge gets Chromium update

Microsoft, Chromium supported new Edge browser Xbox started testing it publicly on their consoles. So that Xbox One and Xbox Series S / X owners of Microsoft on their console Edge’i will have the opportunity to use.

Xbox users will access Stadia with Edge Chromium update

Mouse and keyboard support for the browser is missing yet, and while there are some bugs in this test version, Edge’s a Xbox It has been reported to work as desired in the console. Xbox In the update, which is very important for those who want to access websites from their consoles Edge, Chromium Thanks to the compatibility developed with Google’s Stadia It will also provide access to the streaming service. On the other hand, browser-based games and on the web Skype or Discord Compatibility with such services will also be improved in the future.


This early test version in question, Edge’de While reportedly containing the same sync engine used, it has also been seen to support extensions, vertical tabs, collections and most Edge desktop features. Provided by Microsoft for Windows Edge existing legacy support 9 Mart will expire as of. Thus, it is estimated that the company’s testing on this updated browser will reach all Xbox consoles soon.

Open source code web browser project the one Chromium, Microsoft Edge, Yandex, and Google Chrome It should be noted that there is the underlying software for browsers as well. Microsoft’a gives Xbox’ı PlayStation for a step forward in the face Chromium based on Edge’i it seems a very logical move to bring it to the platform.

Source: TheVerge

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