4 August 2021
Xbox Game Pass gets Alexa integration

Xbox Game Pass gets Alexa integration

From Alexa Xbox Game Pass you will be able to ask him to download his games. Amazon is now available for Xbox owners Alexa Allows you to download Game Pass games using.

This feature does not require Alexa users to install any extra features. Gamers, Alexa‘and “Download the game from Alexa Xbox Game PassHe can perform the transaction by saying ”.

Microsoft becomes Amazon Alexa’s first gaming partner

If you have already connected Alexa to your Xbox, the digital assistant will find the game and the linked XboxIt will automatically upload to. Also to Alexa Xbox Game PassYou can ask what is new or popular at and even find out what will be leaving the service soon.


If you haven’t already connected Alexa to an Xbox, the first time you try to download a game with your voice, you will be prompted to connect. Also this is to Xbox Alexa It requires you to install the application.

Microsoft was the first gaming partner to launch Amazon’s direct download feature with the Alexa assistant. This partnership XboxIt came just weeks after the launch of a new Alexa app in.

Alexa app on Xbox, in addition to using the digital assistant with voice commands to launch Xbox games emails, the weather and allows you to view other visual content.

Xbox Game Pass This new Alexa direct download option for subscribers will be available to US users today and will also be planned for additional markets in the future.

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