29 July 2021
Xiaomi and OPPO invested in earthquake notification

Xiaomi and OPPO invested in earthquake notification

From technology companies Xiaomi and OPPO, made a significant investment in China for natural disaster. This investment, which deals with the user’s life, aims to provide notifications for phones and other products before an earthquake.

Due to frequent earthquakes, manufacturers have started to provide pre-earthquake notifications on some of their products. There are already a few companies doing this already. However, recent reports Xiaomi and OPPO ‘shows that they will be more sensitive about this issue.

Xiaomi and OPPO will improve earthquake notification

Normally, this feature is available on Xiaomi’s smartphones. However, the Chinese manufacturer wants to take this a little further. On the other hand, in OPPO, it is again in the same opinion with its rival Xiaomi. Therefore, in order to provide pre-earthquake notification to both companies, Chengdu Meihuan Technology Co. Ltd. They decided to invest in the company.

Xiaomi ve OPPO

OPPO and Xiaomi will strengthen pre-earthquake notification.

According to the news released today Chengdu Meihuan The capital of the company suddenly increased after the investment of two technology companies. Registered capital 13 million yuan company, Xiaomi and OPPO this capital after the investment 14 to million yuan.

Pre-earthquake warning is currently available on many devices. For example, some of the advanced smart TVs and mobile phones can receive this notification in the event of an earthquake. In fact, a citizen living in China last week received a warning message before the earthquake thanks to the Redmi K40 model and left his home immediately. This incident has also increased the interest in Xiaomi.

However, Xiaomi wants to take this function a little further with the company it has invested in. Likewise, OPPO continues to work in this field. Therefore, in the future, it will be possible to see pre-earthquake notifications on the smartphones and TVs of the two companies. The main task for this is Chengdu Meihuan firm will provide.

Chengdu Meihuan who is and when was it founded

Focusing on pre-earthquake early warning research Chengdu Meihuan company, 2008 was founded in China. Legal representation Wang To doThis company undertaken by; offers technological goods import and export services related to earthquake services.

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