21 April 2021
Xiaomi has developed its own processor!  Here is the introduction date

Xiaomi has developed its own processor! Here is the introduction date

Xiaomi company has rolled up its sleeves to launch its own processor. While the company does not give much information about the details of the processor; a new generation Surge processor or image signal processor (ISP) It was not clearly understood whether it developed. However, the launch date and the first hints have been revealed.

Chinese electronic device manufacturer Xiaomi in 2017 Surge S1 He developed a chipset called. This hardware is unfortunately only Xiaomi Mi 5c It was used in the model. The processor, which is not very long-lasting, was not preferred and was shelved. Although the expectations from the company are that a new chipset will come, the announcement did not point to a precise detail. But two powerful possibilities came to the fore.

Xiaomi will announce its new processor on Monday

Making an announcement about its new processor on social media, Xiaomi said, “surgingHe said we would see a (upgraded) hardware. And yet a lot of people Continuation of Surge S1 a new generation of chipset He began to think that he would be introduced. But Surge S2 It remains uncertain for now whether we will encounter with or not. The announcement poster shared by the company is as follows:


Xiaomi will introduce its new processor on March 29.

Another possibility is to ISPdirects to. Some previous reports have suggested that Xiaomi has developed an independent processor that will be responsible for processing data from the camera. According to the details in the leak; We will encounter hardware that can process the color, light and other data collected by the image sensor and produce the highest quality image. In other words, the hardware to be introduced is a product designed by the company itself. image signal processor can also be.

Yesterday Xiaomi’s new Mi Mix It turned out that he would design his phone with a liquid lens. Given this detail, the company has a ISP The probability of working for its hardware grows considerably. Unfortunately, there has not been any confirmation news from the company yet.

What kind of processor will the Xiaomi company come up with Monday, March 29 It will be determined at the launch event to be held. At the same time in this promotion Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro and Mi 11 Ultra flagship devices will finally be available to consumers.

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