1 August 2021
Xiaomi Mi Band 6 smart bracelet with NFC introduced

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 smart bracelet with NFC introduced

The newest member of the Mi Band series, which is the pioneer of the price-performance-oriented smart bracelet category, has been introduced. Design and with features The bracelet, which attracts attention with its similarity to the previous generation of the series, different color options stands out with.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 The new bracelet named by the name also has a version with NFC. NFC’li version China The version without NFC for the market will take place in both China and the global market.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 features

The smart bracelet stands out with its new generation sensor. The newest member of Mi Band, which allows to measure the amount of oxygen in the blood SpO2 sensor comes with. In its new form, the smart bracelet stands up to many competitors.

The wristband will be launched with additional features such as sleep tracking and menstrual cycle tracking. Mi Band 6 supports more types of sports compared to its previous model.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6, 1.56 inch in size AMOLED has a screen. In addition, the wristband with its new generation display 326 PPI and 450 nights It offers brightness value. In addition, let’s note that the wristband can be used with more than 130 interfaces.

125 mAh new generation smart bracelet with battery capacity, Charge time up to 14 days promises. In addition, the battery of the bracelet is 100 percent charged within two hours.

Mi Band 6 activity tracking

30 different activity modes found wristband in zumba kriket basketbol and kickboks It stands out with its activity modes.

Xiaomi’s new generation flagships Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro and Mi 11 Ultra Introduced with the Mi Band 6, it seems that it will continue to be the number one candidate in the bracelet category with its new generation features and price.

Will be available in two different versions Mi Band 6NFC version of 279 Yuan’danIf it is the version without NFC 229 Yuanwill be available from. The European price of Mi Band 6 is 49.99 Euro as announced.

Mi Band 6 price

How did you find the new generation smart bracelet of the Chinese technology giant Xiaomi? Do you think it can break a resale record? You can share your ideas with us in the comments.

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