28 July 2021
Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 coming?  Under-screen camera

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 coming? Under-screen camera

Xiaomi has long anticipated To the Mi Mix series is he coming back? With the recently introduced Mi Mix Fold, Xiaomi’s important series has been reborn from the ashes. Judging by the newly emerging information, the company Mi Mix 4 also took action for.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 design leaked

One of the important leakage sources of the technology world Ice UniverseMade an important share on Twitter. Accordingly new Mi Mix 4 design The first rendered images appear to give hints for

Xiaomi, With Mi Mix series It is one of the companies that started the competition in the screen case ratio in the sector. Share today, there is no hole or notch in the image.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 design considering the device under screen camera will appear with. In fact, technologists with the firm’s new Mi Mix under screen camera He expected it to be the first model to use. Estimates are that the intervention of the pandemic has prevented the development of this high-level model.

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Ice Universe shared the renders that give tips for the design of Mi Mix 4

Ice Universe Judging by the image shared by, Mi Mix 4 model will appear with a curved screen. But Xiaomi’s earlier Mi Mix Alpha He signed a more bold design with.

Ice Universe, Mi Mix 4 for model under screen camera He thinks that his technology will be used 100%. The famous analyst is sure of this information, although he does not reveal the source.

The hardware information of the phone has not been revealed yet. But Mi Mix series, One of the major flagships for Xiaomi. Your bezel-less phone in this sense Snapdragon 888 It is considered certain that it will come with.

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Xiaomi is known to play leadership in the smartphone market both in China and in the world. Huawei‘nin US embargo The serious injury caused the company to rise at the end of 2020. The company will change its logo this year, Mi 11 series and Mi Mix Fold It made sound with flagships like.

The biggest obstacle to the rapidly rising company in the Android market is In MIUI interface problems experienced. Chinese firm MIUI 12.5 wants to overcome these problems together with.

Apart from the Xiaomi smartphone, it has a wide range of products such as smart vacuum cleaners, water heaters, scooters. According to the latest information, the company may have entered the last corner for the electric car.

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