30 July 2021
Xiaomi returns to tablet production after 3 years!

Xiaomi returns to tablet production after 3 years!

Xiaomi three years later tablet will go back to production. Although the company refrains from giving too many details on the subject yet, it turned out that it is preparing to appear before the consumer with three new tablets this year.

Xiaomi’s three new tablets are developed by Qualcom Snapdragon 800 series It will be powered by chipsets. Two models Snapdragon 870 while containing; In the lower capacity model of the series Snapdragon 860 will include processor.

Specifications of new Xiaomi tablets leaked

Twitter’da @xiaomiui A tech agent featured by the username leaked three upcoming Xiaomi tablets. The page that shares the technical specifications before the devices are released, respectively K81, K81A and K82 have model numbers Enuma, Elish and Nabu revealed the models named code.

Some of the common points of all three tablets 2560 x 800 resolution quality, 120 Hz refresh rate and IPS It was announced that they will have the screen. If the brightness level of the screens 410 nit shared as. According to the information in the resource Enuma codenamed tablet 48 Megapixels has a main camera. But in the other two models 12 Megapixels primary cameras are featured. All three quad rear camera module while taking place; there will be ultra-wide, macro camera and depth sensors.

Enuma and Elish codenamed phones Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 when coming with the chipset; Nabu If the named model is Snapdragon 860 will have the processor. All three devices will support NFC, quad speaker system, wireless charging and ultra-fast charging.

We Pad Phones thought to be released under the series Android based on MIUI will carry the user interface. The release date and price details are not yet clear for devices that are likely to be released in China before the global release. But Enuma According to the hardware features of this trio the most expensive While being a model; Nabu if cheapest will appear as a model.

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