30 July 2021
Y chromosome shortens the life span of men

Y chromosome shortens the life span of men

Scientists think males have a shorter lifespan compared to females in many species. Researchers have revealed the reason for this in a new study. According to the study, living species with a Y chromosome, a toxic DNA life time is shortened because it carries.

Many species often described as male and female With XY chromosome and With XX chromosomes consists of couple. Females have XX chromosomes, while males get one X and one Y chromosome. Females in humans and other species with XY sex chromosomes generally live longer than males. One possible explanation for this inequality is repetitive sequences within the genome. Both males and females carry these repeat sequences. But scientists say that the large number of repetitions on the Y chromosome is a “shortening”toxic y effectSaid he created.

University of California researchers report their study at PLOS Genetics published.

Men’s lifespan is shortened to toxic DNA face

Researchers to test their theses male fruit flies studied. These males have about twice as many repetitive DNA and a shorter lifespan than females. While the DNA was tight in the cells of young male flies, the researchers found that the repeated segments were sealed. But as flies age, DNA takes on a looser form that activates repetitive episodes, causing toxic side effects that shorten the life of males. So, As people with a Y chromosome get older, it repeats are activated and toxic side effects produces. But compared to humans, fruit flies have significantly more duplication of Y chromosomes.

Is the y chromosome shortening the life span of men?

Males have a shorter lifespan than females. Scientists explained the reason for this as the repeat of Y chromosomes, which cause toxic effects.

Work, repetitive rich Y chromosomes for men a genomic problem shows that. The findings support a more general link between repeating DNA and aging that is currently poorly understood. Previous studies on fruit flies also had findings. When repeated episodes become active, scientists It weakens memory, shortens life span and causes DNA damage had shown. This damage likely contributes to the physiological effects of aging. Therefore, males have a shorter lifespan than females.

Scientists are trying to understand why individuals with XY chromosomes have a shorter life span. Because they want to create potential interventions or genetic treatments for the toxic side effects of our DNA. However, more research is needed to uncover the mechanisms underlying the toxic effects of repeated DNA.

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