21 April 2021
Yale Linus Smart Lock installation and review!

Yale Linus Smart Lock installation and review!

We tried the Yale Linus Smart Lock product, the keyless door lock designed to secure your life and facilitate it with up-to-date technological possibilities.

Whoever enters the house will be certain! – Yale Linus Smart Lock installation and review!

Linus Smart Lock, which will leave behind problems such as forgetting the key in a place where you cannot reach after going anywhere, and unable to open the door due to lock or key deformation, draws attention as a secure door lock that allows you to lock and open your door wherever you are.

To purchase a Yale Linus smart lock: https://amzn.to/3bFSI0E
More about Yale Linus: http://www.yale.com.tr/linus
Yale Linus compatibility checker: https://www.yale.com.tr/linus-uyumluluk-denetleyicisi

It works integrated with leading smart home systems, voice assistants and short-term home rental platforms for access management and effortless lock control. It is compatible with Google, Alexa and Apple HomeKit and allows you to secure your home access via phone from anywhere in the world with the Yale Access app. This feature can be used with the Yale Connect Wi-Fi Connection Bridge for use in the smart home system ecosystem.

Thanks to the lock system, you can see who is coming and going home at what time, you can send a virtual key to your guests and check whether the door is open. In addition, thanks to the keypad, you can provide keyless access to your home with the password you will give to your trusted guests, family members and cleaning assistant.

The winner of the Product Design Award in the Security System and Smart Products category at the Red Dot 2020 and the Home Interior Products / Windows, Doors category in the Europen Product Design Award 2020, the Yale Linus Smart Door Lock offers a new solution in home security with its features and stylish design.

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