30 July 2021
Yemeksepeti user information is sold on the Dark Web

Yemeksepeti user information is sold on the Dark Web

Food basket As a result of a cyber attack on March 25, user information was lost to hackers. Stolen data “Dark webIt went on sale over ”.

Yemeksepeti the stolen data, according to a report from Turkey Cevdet Euphrates aydogmus newspaper sold by Dark sligthly crypto money. Attackers prefer cryptocurrencies in case their identity may be exposed in credit card sales.

It aims to protect fundamental rights and freedoms, including the confidentiality of personal information and privacy. Recently, the issue of cyber security has been a headache for individual users and companies.

There was a development that worries Yemeksepeti users

Cyber ​​Security Specialist Tarık Üstüner made the following warnings to the citizens on the security weakness in Yemeksepeti:

“If you go to the dark web, you’ll likely find those lists right now. This information used to be bought and sold by credit cards. They use cryptocurrencies as it is untraceable. Call you out of the blue and ask, “Would you like to take advantage of our campaign?” There are those who say. That’s how they buy your information “

The information sold according to the degree of accuracy and reliability Saying that it is priced, Üstünel home address He said that private information such as private information is critical data for hackers. The Cyber ​​Security Expert told the users to change their existing passwords. also phishing He emphasized that they should be careful against their attacks.

Food basket

The information of Yemeksepeti users is under threat.

Studies are continuing on where the attack was made. Personal Data Protection AuthorityFrom this attack on Yemeksepeti, 21.5 million people announced that he was affected. This attack on Yemeksepeti by the Information Technologies and Communication Authority National Cyber ​​Incidents Response Center took place. IP addresses from abroad determined.

There is no credit card information among the user information captured by the hackers. The data seized is as follows:

  • Ad-soyad
  • Date of birth
  • Telephone numbers registered in Yemeksepeti
  • E-mail addresses registered in Yemeksepeti
  • Registered home and work address information on Yemeksepeti
  • Data of user passwords encrypted with SHA-256 algorithm

User passwords according to the description SHA-256 It is broken because it is encrypted with its algorithm. almost impossible. Credit card and other payment information is safe. Since the card information is not in Yemeksepeti’s own database, but in the remote database of MasterCard, any security problem does not exist.

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