4 August 2021
YouTube has changed its advertising rules: "Light swearing" is a green light!

YouTube has changed its advertising rules: “Light swearing” is a green light!

YouTube changed its advertising rules for videos. According to the new policy, the company about the yellow dollar it will be more tolerant. Stating that it will allow adult videos to earn money under certain rules, YouTube, to mild and censored curses He also stated that he would allow.

YouTube eases its harsh advertising policy

There are videos on YouTube that appeal to viewers of all ages, from young to old. For this reason, YouTube adopts a strict policy, sometimes simple slang words It can even impose sanctions on videos. The company, which gradually warns the creator, also disables the video monetization feature. Yellow dollar placing symbol.

New YouTube ad rulesThat eased those sanctions a little. Google is now for humor purposes will allow you to earn money on the content. Adult content such as love, flirt-themed jokes and dance images yellow dollar symbol will not be placed.

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YouTube started to notify creators of new rules

YouTube, as well as mild profanity censored and your shortened slang words He announced that he would not be subject to sanctions. The company, which has implemented its new rules from this month, detailed what types of videos can make money with a few examples.

YouTube’a will allow The contents are as follows:

Light curses: Title, thumbnail, or video that is shortened, censored, or contains mild profanity (such as “damn” or “damn”). Video with moderate profanity. Video or music video with cursive swearing in which heavy profanity (such as cursive swearing) is used infrequently after the start, or at most twice in approximately the first 30 seconds.

Censored curses; beeping or muting while the word is spoken refers to turning off written words with black lines, symbols, or text added in post-production.

Shortened profanity; covers the abbreviations in which the letters in the original expression are brought together.

If in the style mentioned profanity, slang, adult content elements of the video in the first 30 seconds if it is used, the creator will be able to monetize it. However, videos with more severe swearing will be closed to making money regardless. Google has stated that ads will be disabled on content that does not comply with these rules.

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