18 April 2021
YouTube takes action for COVID-19 videos

YouTube takes action for COVID-19 videos

Despite clear scientific evidence about the existence of COVID-19 and the safety and efficiency of the vaccine, YouTube continues to fight the spread of misinformation.

To help combat this issue, YouTube has removed more than 30,000 videos with misleading or false claims about the COVID-19 vaccine in the past six months.

Why did YouTube remove so many videos?

As reported by Axios, YouTube is spreading false information about the COVID-19 vaccine. Tie 30 much removed the video. Numbers, YouTube spokesperson Elena Hernandez shared by. The company is sharing data on these takedowns for the first time.

In a survey by Axios, about 30 percent of Americans suspect vaccines. Their hesitation is undoubtedly not just on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook It is caused by misinformation spreading in other social networks such as.

One of YouTube COVID-19 There is a medical misinformation policy. In October 2020, vaccine lies were added. Since February 2020, YouTube has removed more than 800,000 videos as a result of the policy. The videos are reported first through artificial intelligence and humans, then the reported video “deserves the warning?” he is supervised. If it deserves the warning, the annoying video will be removed and the account will be alerted. Multiple warnings can result in a permanent ban.

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