21 April 2021
Zeekr becomes Tesla's new rival

Zeekr becomes Tesla’s new rival

Volvo’s parent company in China Geely, Zeekr made the launch promotion of its new sub-brand, which it named. The company, which is currently the largest automaker in China, has 300 million It is said that the dollar will invest.

Zeekr will be on the market for the first time in 2021

Geely’nin A new one is being added to its recent breakthroughs. For activities such as satellite, drone, truck transportation Badiu, Tencent and Foxconn The company, which has partnered with large-scale organizations such as Zeekr announced an electric car project that he named. Geely In the statements made from the front Zeekr of the first vehicles bearing the name 2021’in It was said to be released in the third quarter. The car without information about its technical specifications is most likely premium will enter the vehicle category and also Mercedes-Benz will experience direct competition with.


Reuters’in to your news According to it, the vehicles will be built on an open source electric vehicle electric vehicle chassis called the Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA). In addition, the brand’s 5-year plans include offering an electric vehicle to the market every year.

Geely He stated at a press conference that the decision to launch a new brand should be seen as a response to the growing demand for electric vehicles in China and other markets around the world. CEO of the firm Daniel Li Donghui, “One company is not a big enough venture for the market. Zeekr will create a new ecosystem that focuses on the full integration of the end user into a new super ecosystem that focuses on the full service of end user needs with a standard approach in terms of sales and service ” He showed how determined they are.

Zeekr is expected to join Volvo, which will become an electric-only company by 2030. Same way Geely’nin with another subsidiary Polestar, Twin engine and 375 km range for the European and US markets Polestar It started to deliver the 2 to their owners.

However, Mercedes-Benz’s parent company Daimler’in who has a share of about 10 percent Geely, Shangbay’s Nasbdaq his style In the STAR Market from publicly traded share sales, 20 billion Expects revenue growth in ybuan.

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