21 April 2021
Zynga Torchlight III's developer buys Echtra

Zynga Torchlight III’s developer buys Echtra

Known for both mobile and social games Zynga, Diablo known from the series Max Schaefer’in founded and Torchlight Known as the developer of III Echtra Games’i he bought. Buy, Zynga’s PC and console came during the expansion he planned to make to his games.

Zynga will acquire the developer of Torchlight III, focusing on many platforms

Echtra Games In the statement made by, already Zynga included in NaturalMotion developed by the studio and has cross-platform mechanics RPG will contribute to his game. On the other hand as part of the purchase Zynga, Echtra’s It will have proprietary cross-platform development tools and technology.


About the deal Zynga from the front CEO Frank Gibeau in his statement “Max and Echtra Games’teki his team is responsible for some of the most legendary game features ever created. They are also experts in action RPG genre and cross-platform development. Echtra Games your team Zynga We are excited to invite her to her family. This acquisition will be instrumental in expanding our iconic languages ​​and brands from mobile to computers and consoles. Zynga’s will also help develop the total addressable market ”.

Stating that they are pleased to join Zynga, Schaefer also said, “Zynga’s “We share the vision of cross-platform gaming and look forward to adapting our skills to this effort with our vast experience.

While the details of the terms of the agreement are not shared, the studio’s Nintendo Switch Free-to-play Star Wars game for both mobile and mobile devices Star Wars: Hunters It is stated that it will be a great improvement.

Diablo the studio that created the series Blizzard North’un Schaefer, one of the founders, later Torchlight’ı and the studio that developed sequels Runic Games’i to set up Blizzard ‘and Left. After that Echtra’ya switched master name in October 2020 PC for Torchlight III’ü released.

Source: GameSpot

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